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morning photo project 8.27.2009


I spent a delightful evening on Wednesday with a herd of local Suri alpacas.  Many of them owned by Marie, a volunteer with the Friends of Main Library. Marie has been raising these wonderful animals for the last six years. She was very generous with her time in letting me tour the farm. When I entered the barn the first thing you see is a chalkboard with a list of the recently born and the expectant mothers. Be sure to check out the names of the newborns. I think there may be a Coldplay fan there. When I met the Alpacas, they were very friendly and quite inquisitive. I was surprised by how many came right up to me. Some were very interested in my camera. They weren’t camera shy at all. I have to say, spending time with these animals is quite relaxing.  They have a very distinct hum and a calmness that puts you at ease. For more information about Suri alpacas visit







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