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hello summer, hello basil. i think i love you.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday. There has been pesto making at the Sterling-Derr homestead. As I was watering the herbs, veggies and flowers, I noticed an evil pesky beetle dining on one of my basil leaves. I guess I can’t fault the little guy, he knows a good thing. But I was going to make sure that I enjoyed some basil pesto before he and his friends decimate my crop.

The issue of Everyday Food magazine that I was cooking from for last week’s challenge actually featured a recipe for pesto. So I went to work and churned out two jars. One from my regular basil, and another made with my lemon basil.

I plan to incorporate the pesto into a delightfully vegetarian meal of pasta with potatoes and green beans. I’m sure the pesto will also be used as a spread on some sandwiches this weekend too.

five senses friday #9

It was a short work week for me, but still a very full week none the less.  Here are the highlights in just five senses.

  • seeing: red, white and blue everywhere. i bought these little flags yesterday. and yes, i’m the kind of guy that irons out the creases before putting them out.
  • tasting: freshly made pesto. as i was watering this morning, i saw my first beetle gnawing at a tender basil leaf. an action plan was created and now there are two jars of amazing basil & walnut pesto in the fridge.
  • hearing: a trio of poppy & delightful new summer tunes from some fabulous ladies. Summer Day by Sheryl Crow, King of Anything by Sara Bareilles, and Cry When You Get Older by Robyn.
  • smelling: fresh air. we’ve had some wonderfully moderate temps lately. i’ve enjoyed opening up the house and breathing in deeply.
  • feeling: introspective. what else would i be doing with my life, if i knew i could not fail? and should i be afraid of failing, anyways?

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Here’s the flower that didn’t get posted yesterday. My own little natural fireworks in the back garden.


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