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5 days of sweets – ricotta orange pound cake

Here we are, day three of “Five Days of Sweets.” I don’t know about you but, but my clothes are feeling a bit tighter. It’s back to Weight Watchers after the holidays… The latest of issue of Food Network Magazine features a section on “Giada’s Perfect Presents.” One of the ideas was to make a Ricotta Orange Pound Cake and gift it along with one of Giada’s loaf pans, conveniently available at your local Target.

The cake is pretty terrific. The ricotta, while making for a lumpy kinda gross looking batter, kept the cake very moist. I’d recommend cooking it for a bit longer than the 45 to 50 minutes suggested in the recipe.  The center of my cake dropped considerably while cooling. Still very tasty though. Just a hint of orange, I tasted the two tablespoons of amaretto more than the citrus. And I was very ok with that.

Coming tomorrow: Mint-Chocolate Brownies from Everyday Food Magazine.

fried smashed potatoes with lemon

Crispy, tender and lemony, this is quite possibly the best potato side dish that I’ve ever made. This recipe was featured a few weeks ago on Giada De Laurentiis’ Food Network show. First you boil the small red potatoes, then allow them to cool slightly before smashing them gently with the palm of your hand. Next, you slide them into a puddle of garlic infused olive oil for a quick fry until brown and crispy. Finally, you drizzle the homemade lemon dressing, featuring freshly picked thyme from my kitchen window sill, over top of the hot potatoes. I used them as perfect side dish along with a simple piece of broiled salmon and pile of roasted asparagus. Here’s the link to the recipe. Also, be sure to check out my page of other previously featured recipes on my blog.


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