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five senses friday #11

Here’s my little week in just five senses. I hope you’ll share some of your five senses in the comment section. Enjoy your weekend.

  • seeing: the tops of lots of buildings in downtown akron.
  • tasting: smoked goat cheese from the Ornery Goat that we picked up at the farmer’s market in kent.
  • hearing: for the price of a cup of tea by Belle and Sabastian (thanks for the recommendation Greg).
  • smelling: triple citrus cupcakes fresh out of the oven.
  • feeling: better about myself after getting out and doing a bit of hiking this week. nearly 5.5 miles.

PS & BTW, I’m kind of in love with the patterns and colors of the shingles on the church steeple below.

tiny flower thursday & more

I spent my lunch hour on Wednesday walking around the outside of the building with my camera. That’s where all of these photos are from. Either the grounds around the Library or from the top floor of the parking deck. Downtown Akron was gorgeous this day.


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