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creamy fettuccine with asparagus – everyday food challenge

Is there any recipe that toasted pine nuts wouldn’t improve? I love them scattered over a creamy pasta. It’s one of the reasons that I selected this recipe for Creamy Fettuccine with Asparagus for this week’s Everyday Food Challenge. That and because I love fettuccine alfredo. This looked like a slightly healthier alternative. None of the butter and just a touch of cheese. And only six ingredients! I didn’t have any goat cheese on hand. A really tragedy, since I adore it. I swapped in 4 ounces of neufchatel that I had left over from another recipe. And yes, I realize that this is the second asparagus-centric recipe of the week. I’m an unapologetic fan of this stalky spear of goodness. The whole grain mustard and fresh dill gives the simple creamy sauce a real zip that my partner Greg loved. If you’re looking for a quick week night pasta meal, give this one a try. What’s your favorite asparagus-centric recipe? Please share it in the comments section.



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