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chocolate peppermint cookies

Oh the snow…the weather around these here parts has been pretty frightful the last couple of days. On Sunday, I decided it would be best to use my shut-in time to bake some cookies for the holidays. I made dad’s ginger cookies that I wrote about previously. I also baked white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies and the those candy cane topped chocolate peppermint cookies pictured above. I came across the recipe for them just last week on the outstanding blog, One Ordinary Day.

They were pretty easy to make. And the peppermint marshmallow cream is amazing. Really it is.  I think next time I’m going to use the mexican hot-chocolate cookie recipe, add a little instant espresso to the batter, and omit the chili powder from the coating.  Then take two cookies and sandwich them around the peppermint marshmallow cream for a bit of a peppermint mocha inspired cookie. (This was actually Greg’s idea.) Who’s with me? What are you baking for the holidays?


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