five senses friday

  • seeing – the herbs in my potted garden thriving. And yes, I know that I probably shouldn’t allow the garlic chives to flower, but I just couldn’t resist those beautiful little white blossoms.  The bees have been quite fond of them, as well.
  • tasting the club ciabatta sandwich at The Creperie. Why do sandwiches always taste better when someone else makes them? Because they use crispy fried prosciutto, that’s why.
  • hearing cheers for my niece’s volleyball team. Very proud Uncle, here.
  • smelling  – the unpleasant scent of tomato plant on my hands after picking.
  • feelinghot and muggy. I need a fall-like-sweater-vest-wearing-day soon.

How would you sum up your last week in 5 senses or less?  Please share in the comments section. Hope you have  a swell weekend. We have an extra long weekend full of several visits with dear friends and a visit from the cable installation guy.


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  1. Vickie says:

    Seeing the smile on my 94 year old Aunts face when I showed her my garden today and handed her some fresh picked tomatoes. Tasting those tomatoes with her over lunch. Hearing the many stories over again, I never get tired of hearing them. Feeling the love between a precious member of the family. Ann is not blood, but I have known her all of my life…she is very much a part of our family.

    1. michael says:

      That’s really lovely, Vickie. I’d love to tour your garden sometime.

  2. S says:

    seeing – A beautiful Seattle sunny day accented by a glistening Lake Union.
    tasting – Lunch at Purple Cafe. Tomato soup and goat cheese + roasted red pepper salad. Yum!
    hearing – The dog growling at every car, bus and walker outside the condo.
    smelling – Fresh air through the open windows.
    feeling – Excited for the weekend to come, which will include the UW Huskies football pre-season opener and crabbing in the Puget Sound.

    Life is good! Please visit us:

  3. one ordinary day says:

    : )
    Seeing – meeting the teacher night and seeing all my kiddos’ friends
    Tasting – a good plate of spaghetti for dinner
    Hearing – broadway musical soundtrack of Jekyll and Hyde
    Smelling- peppermint I’m growing on the deck
    Touching – brown sugar foot scrub I made for girls night with my daughter 🙂

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