five senses friday

  • seeing –  small orbs of orange. tomatoes are finally ripening in my garden.
  • tasting – pesto. a sure sign of a great summer.
  • hearing – my new favorite band, Foster the People. The song I can’t stop listening to, Houdini.
  • smelling  – the scent of tomatoes and spices simmering for three hours as I made tomato jam.
  • feeling – content, very content, now that I’ve posted my first “five senses friday” in many months.

How would you sum up your last week in 5 senses or less?  Please share in the comments section. Have a swell weekend, friends.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Haha my three year old and 20 month old are both learning about the 5 sense in school (daycare) this week! So fun. I also love Foster the People and have been reading more and more about them… guess they are getting bigger. I’ve never listened to Houdini though 🙂

  2. one ordinary day says:

    What a shot! Thought-provoking post too. Let’s see….
    seeing – my kiddos walking into school on their first day
    tasting – breakfast burritos
    hearing – We the Kings cd playing whenever we get in the car
    smelling- the clean, fresh air smell after Irene’s rain cleared up
    feeling- our kitten snuggling onto my shoulder while I read

    1. michael says:

      Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great new week.

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