for blog’s sake

This Saturday night I will be emceeing the 6th Annual Akron Storytelling Festival Concert at Main Library. To me, that’s a bit ironic since I’ve not been real good at telling my own stories here in the last couple of months. It’s certainly not for lack of inspiration. I’ve developed, cooked and photographed many wonderful recipes that I would love to share with you. There’s the amazing salad topped pizza, several flavors of Jeni’s homemade ice cream, and the grilled pork chops, oh my, the grilled pork chops. And there are pictures to share. More photos from our vacation to Montreal, images from my garden, and more. I just haven’t had the urge to sit down and write my stories. To be honest, the last several entries were only posted so that I could move the post about Tucker’s passing down the page a bit. It was getting tough to see my site with his sweet mug at the top. I never quite imagined how much I’d end up missing him.

Moving forward.

So here’s the deal. Time will be put aside to blog. That really needs to happen daily. It was time that I cherished. Recipes, Wordless Wednesdays and Five Senses Fridays must, and will, return. I miss our interaction and I miss your feedback. Here we go, Made by Mike returns full-time on Monday. Yes, that’s my plan. I hope you’ll join me then. And if you’re not doing anything this Saturday night, and you’re in the Akron area, come on down to the Storytelling Concert at 7 pm. I could really use some friendly and familiar faces in the audience. Oh, and did I mention, the event is free.



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  1. Ali says:

    Mike, I’ve missed your entries and wondered what you have been up to. So happy to hear you’ll be back next week! Best of luck with your event Saturday night! Keep being strong and moving forward 🙂

    1. michael says:

      Thanks Ali! See you on Monday.

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