happy birthday greg, or is it gerg?

Today is my amazing partner Greg’s 39th birthday. The photo above is the reason that I will no longer out-source the making of his birthday cake. Has something like this happened to you? I know there are entire web sites devoted to it. Describe your favorite “cake wreck” in the comments section.


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  1. kathryn says:

    I’ve had them write “are” instead of “our”. One time they also repeated a line…the exact same line (I foget what it was). It was ridiculous.

  2. froggy says:

    The punk band, who lived in my basement, wrote a birthday song. Punk style. Started out ‘It’s lonely when you’re old, all alone in the cold’. When the lead guitarist turned 17 I had that phrase put on his birthday cake – odd look from the clerk at the store – but great cake.

  3. Kelly Toth says:

    I used to work with a girl named Nichelle and when her going away party cake came it said “Michele with an N not a M”

  4. thickethouse says:

    Oh, Mike, I’m sorry this happened! Although it will give you a bit of conversation for years to come!

  5. Nicki says:

    Happy Birthday Greg!!

    Birthday cakes should never be outsourced unless you need a cartoon character on top of it to appease the monsters. 😉

  6. Happy 39th Birthday to Greg. I hope the cake tasted good.
    🙂 Mandy

  7. I hope you were able to have a laugh about it! Was the cake good though??

    1. michael says:

      The cake tasted great.

  8. oneordinaryday says:

    Oh my gosh, that’s crazy! I do hope ‘Gerg’ had a great birthday!! : ) I guess you should have gone with the chocolate Guinness cake after all!

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