asparagus, fingerling potato and goat cheese pizza

Pizza. What can I say? It’s one of my favorites. And it’s all the better when you make it home. As I wrote about a few days ago, I’m working my way through a big bag of fingerling potatoes. As a result, I’ve been pouring over recipes that include these delightful mini spuds. While surfing the Epicurious iPad app I came across a recipe for Asparagus, Fingerling Potato and Goat Cheese Pizza from the May 2009 issue of Bon Appetit magazine. There was no resisting the charm of this pizza. I’m lazy and refuse to make my own pizza dough. I hear it’s easy enough, but it takes time and I’m a pretty impatient fella. I used the frozen pizza dough that you can find in your grocer’s frozen section and thawed it the night before in the fridge. Now for the toppings. There was a lot of cheese, not just the goat cheese from the title. There was also fresh mozzarella just above the garlic-oiled crust. And to finish off the top layers of potatoes and asparagus, a generous sprinkling of parmesan. If you’re looking for a rustic and filling pizza, this is your guy.

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  1. looks amazing. all the best stuff, on top of a pizza!

  2. I’m addicted to the Epicurious app! It’s so fun to browse. This looks like a great find. I love goat cheese.

  3. That looks fantastic. I have seen a few recipes lately with potatoes on them. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Now THIS is my kind of pizza!! I adore goat cheese and asparagus! I must try this !

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