meet a blogger monday – Christopher from Domestic Daddy

Today we meet Christopher from Domestic Daddy. His blog showcases fine living at its best. This is one of those blogs that I just love to delve into as a little escape from everyday life in Ohio. In Christopher’s world it always seems as though the sun is shining, the temperature is around 75 degrees, and there’s a deliciously crafted drink waiting for you when you arrive home from a long day at the office. As Liz Lemon would say, “I want to go to there.”

According to his bio, Christopher has always had a strong domestic streak, but since he and his partner had their daughter Julia last year, He’s learned to keep projects simpler, faster and more fun. They may be simple, but they’re presented beautifully. And if you’re looking for a great cocktail for a party, be sure to check out his expansive collection of drink options.

Name: Christopher Nordquist

Where are you: New York City and San Francisco

Blog: Domestic Daddy

How long have you been blogging: Since July, 2009

Why do you blog: I love sharing ideas about how to live well.

What’s been your favorite post: Probably the October 29, 2010 post about making Julia’s Halloween costume.  It was a fun project, and her delight in wearing it warmed my heart.

Could you share a few of your favorite blogs that you read: The Selby, Smitten Kitchen, Remodelista, Modern Tonic, Sartorialist, and, of course, made by mike.

What’s “the one” big project/recipe that you are most looking forward to: Remodeling our new loft in Manhattan.

When you’re not blogging, what are you doing: Everything I blog about –and spending as much time as possible with my two year-old daughter, my partner and our family and friends.

Guiltiest pleasure: Sleeping in.

You’ll never cook with this ingredient: Velveeta.

Favorite Drink: Manhattan made with good bourbon and Carpano Antica Formula sweet vermouth.

Advice to the home cook: Have fun!  Keep your projects simple and focused so you have enough time and energy left to enjoy the pleasures of cooking and eating.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks for the great profile, Mike! It’s an honor, and I really appreciate your support. DD

  2. GCIMHG says:

    I’ve been reading Domestic Daddy since Bryanboy posted about the blog on his website. Such a great blog and DD definitely has some inspiring ideas. Can’t wait to see the finished product on the loft renovations. Great profile Mike.

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