chewy chocolate chunk-cherry cookies

As you are reading today’s post, I am in a car with three of my favorite people (ok, I really like you too, but there wasn’t enough room in the car for anyone else) traveling through America’s heartland from Akron, Ohio to St. Louis, Missouri. No road trip is complete with out a great selection of treats. When Greg and I travel there is always a can of Pringles (original flavor, please) and after a stop at a gas station, a bag of pretzel and nacho cheese Combos. How’s that for class? For this trip I made some homemade goodies too. There were the dark chocolate and pretzel crispy treats that I wrote about earlier this week. Also, after receiving the new issue of Martha Stewart Living (the chocolate issue!), I just knew that I needed to make the chewy chocolate chunk-cherry cookies. They are insanely good.  Insanely, I say!  That means that I can’t stop eating them. I find excuses to go to the kitchen and walk past the container on the counter. Well it would be rude not to eat one…two…three…  The tart dried cherries matched with rich chocolate chunks and sweet cookie base….You have no idea how great these are until you eat one yourself. I’m pretty sure that they’ll make for three happy friends in the car with me.  Hopefully they’ll be so happy, they won’t ask me to take a turn driving. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and be sure to check out that new clear glass bowl on my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. That was my most favorite birthday gift from Greg this year. Now I’m just like all the celebri-chefs on tv.


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  1. These cookies are SCREAMING my name! Yes…for breakfast.

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