ham and potato bake – everyday food challenge

Back to my Everyday Food Challenge. This week I delved into the March 2005 issue and food a recipe for the Ham and Potato Bake. First a note, I’m not a ham fan. In fact, some day I’ll tell you the story from my childhood about the Christmas Ham. I’m starting to come around to it. As long as the  ham is sliced thin, I can normally deal with it.

This recipe takes some time. It’s definitely not a weeknight after work dinner. There’s thinly slicing the potatoes. I used the slicing blade on my food processor, that sped things up a bit. It bakes for an hour covered with foil, then another 40 minutes without. Once baked it needs to cool for 2o minutes before you can slice it. So after about 2 hours from starting the recipe, we were ready to sit down for dinner. It was pretty good that night. It was even better the next night after sitting in the fridge and being reheated. This would be a great dish to make on a Sunday, then save for dinner a few days later.


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  1. oneordinaryday says:

    I really think this looks delicious. I love breakfast foods anytime of day. For some reason, it’s okay in breakfast. It’s one of the only meats I can get my daughter to eat though, cause it tastes like hot dogs! Ha!

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