meet a blogger monday – bradley from cleveland food and brews

Today we meet Bradley from Cleveland Food and Brews. If it’s not too obvious from his blog title, Bradley loves food and craft beers and developed a pretty great blog of Cleveland area restaurant reviews and tales of the great beers. If my count is correct, since starting his blog in September, Bradley has reviewed over 80 brews. That shows some real dedication to his blog. You can check out a very detailed ranking of those beers here.  Now to the interview:

Name: Bradley Gillette

Where are you: Good old Cleveland Ohio

Blog: I write 2!  One is all about local Restaurant Reviews at Cleveland Food and Brews and the other is all about Craftbeer Reviews.

How long have you been blogging: A little over 4 months

Why do you blog: I love food and craft beer and I want to share this passion with everyone!

What’s been you favorite post: My post at Washington Place Bistro and Inn because I got engaged that morning and that was our celebration dinner!

Could you share a few of your favorite blogs that you read: Poise in Parma and The Chubby Cook are two of my favorites, but there are many others are on my blogroll!

What’s “the one” big project/recipe/restaurant/beer that you are most looking forward to: I cannot wait to go to Fire Food and Drink for my Fiancee’s birthday in Mid-January!  We have heard such great things and I know she is dying to try it out.

When you’re not blogging, what are you doing: Making the world a better place by Teaching Children!

Guiltiest pleasure: I don’t know…. I love Chips and French Onion Dip!

You’ll never eat a recipe with this ingredient in it: RICE!  I know it is crazy but I don’t like it at all.

Favorite Drink: Give me an IPA or DIPA any day!  Fat Head’s Head Hunter to be more specific.

Advice to the novice beer drinker: Know what you like, drink what you like, but don’t be totally close minded to trying new things.  Give a beer a chance to grow on you before you pass judgment on it!

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  1. Little known fact: The original title of the classic
    Beatles song was “Give Beer a Chance”…

  2. Give a beer a chance….never knew that! I’ll have to
    download it. This was a very fun thing to do and I hope I can
    increase awareness about great Cleveland Restaurants and great
    Craftbeers from around the US! I’m also on twitter @clefoodandbrews
    Thanks, Brad

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