cranberry velvet fluff

First, let’s start with what this isn’t. It’s not fancy or elegant. In fact, it’s way more Sandra Lee than Martha or Ina. And you know what? That’s ok once in a while. What this is is Cranberry Velvet Fluff. After reading local food writer, Jane Snow’s new cookbook, I found that this dish is quintessential Akron Thanksgiving fare. It’s a cinch to make. It would have taken only 3 minutes to make if I wasn’t photographing each step.

As a child, every Thanksgiving at our house included the jellied cranberry sauce.  There’s just something about the gentle ridges and the plop from the can. Being the classy folks we were it was sliced and served elegantly from a cut crystal bowl. You know I think that was the only use for that bowl. Now I have a new tradition, cranberry velvet fluff. It’s sweet, it’s tangy, it’s gooey and it’s a breeze to make. So, why not upgrade your canned jellied cranberry sauce this year.

How are you celebrating the cranberry this Thursday?



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  1. Ron says:

    We must have had our cranberry sauce cut from the same mold. We did the same ‘ritual’ of slicing and presentation on the cut crystal plate. I dont think I knew what a cranberry looked like until Ocean Spray started showing them in their commercials! 😉

    Have a Happy Akron Thanksgiving Mike

    1. michael says:

      Thanks Ron. You too!

      1. Ron says:

        I was looking for something ‘different’ to take along to my gathering. This might be it. And I can do it in 3 min!

  2. KTseams says:

    I like this one from EDF 2003

    SUPER easy and delicious.

  3. Patty says:

    I used the “whole berry” can of cranberries – so no ridges. Mine looks a bit different with the whole berries tossed about and it’s more red. Also, my pineapple can filled a cup measure until I drained it so I wasn’t sure if I should have used two cans since I ended up with a half a cup of pineapple.

  4. Cousin Kay says:

    I was just not going to serve cranberrys this year..every year I open the can at both ends watch it slide out, slice it, put on a beautiful plate and at days end throw 3/4ths of it away..but it just seems you have to have I will try this. By the way Mike our Aunt Margaret used to cut them and use a turkey cookie cutter on each still did not taste any better, but was cute

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