sugar cookie, i think i love you

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the Martha Stewart Cookies iPad app. It’s a great app with over fifty different cookie recipes. Many from Martha’s Cookies cookbook with several newcomers, as well. I knew as soon as I saw the virtual cookie runway which would be my first to bake. Can I tell you a sweet little secret? I love sugar cookies, love them. There’s something comfortably simple about them. What I loved most about these Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies was the addition of lemon zest and juice. They give a great brightness to the cookies. Also to get a the crisp-sugary outside you make two passes of sanding sugar prior to baking. These sugar cookies are crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. They are simply amazing and you should make a batch today. Just make sure you leave plenty of room between them on the cookie sheet. They spread out quite a bit.

Speaking of Martha and iPad apps, she just released her first digital issue of Martha Stewart Living. It’s amazing and stunningly beautiful with high-definition photography, videos and more digital wizardry. Her team has set the digital magazine bar very high. If this is the future of magazines, we are in for a true creative renaissance.


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  1. Nicki says:

    Martha’s recipe is similar to mine.. minus the brown sugar and plus some powdered sugar. The lemon is definitely the key to a wonderful sugar cookie. Thanks for posting, I’ll try martha’s.

    BTW – I’m impressed at the regularity of your cookie sizes. I never get that close.

    1. michael says:

      Thanks Nicki. It’s all about using an ice cream scoop to get uniform size.

  2. Patty says:

    I found sanding sugar this afternoon at Beilers! Yay!

    1. michael says:


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