Sweet Treats for Halloween

I have a confession to make. I’ve not always been the greatest fan of Halloween. While I totally get the part about collecting and hoarding the most candy you possible can, I’m just not as enamored with the whole dressing up in scary outfits thing. I hate going to stores around Halloween where the employees dress up in costume. And it freaks me out a little to be driving down the road at night and see the driver of a passing car all decked out in his or her scariest costume.

So besides the piles and piles of candy, what else do I like about Halloween? Well there’s the annual pumpkin carving I do with my nieces, the decorating, and well of course, the baking. I just love those little bite-sized sugar cookies topped with a single delectable candy corn. And those crispy chocolate-marshmallow treats dipped in chocolate and topped with orange sprinkle…that’s certainly not a scary treat.

Finally, pictured at the bottom of the post is one of my favorite Halloween crafts from Martha Stewart, a treat bag disguised as a witch’s broom. These were so much fun to make and fill.

I hope you enjoy your Halloween festivities, just don’t bring your hauntingly scary selves around to our place.


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  1. Sandra Simmons says:

    Mike, I am looking for a new sugar cookie recipe because I just found out that my daughter who is 21 says the one I’ve been making her whole life that I thought she loved is “just not great, mom”. Oy! So I just read the Martha Stewart recipe you reference here. It says each cookie is a LEVEL TEASPOON of cookie dough? NO WAY? For real? that’s a TINY amount of dough. Is this right? And you make it for 10-12 minutes?

    1. michael says:

      Sandra, they are very tiny cookies. So, yep the teaspoon measurement is correct.

      For a bigger and better cookie, try Martha’s Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookie. It’s got a crackly and crunchy sugar coated outside and a chewy inside with a bit of lemon flavor. My dad always added a bit of orange juice to his holiday cut-out sugar cookie batter. I think that the citrus is the perfect compliment to the sugar cookie base whether it’s lemon or orange. Here’s the link to Martha’s Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookie recipe: http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/old-fashioned-sugar-cookies

      Good luck and let me know if your daughter likes these any better.

      1. Sandra Simmons says:

        Thank you! I will try them and let you know!

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