meet a blogger monday – tracy from prickly pear bloom

A little over a year ago I wrote about finding a blog that I found very inspiring. It was one of the first blogs that I followed regularly. Now there are over a hundred sitting in my google reader account. Tracy’s Prickly Pear Bloom is still one of my favorites. A graphic artist and amazing photographer, Tracy quietly inspires. Check out  her photos on flickr, then read my quick interview, then go visit her blog. Seriously. Go now.
A side note, Tracy provided the inspiration for my 37 Things List and my photo calendar. Thanks for that!

Name: Tracy Harris

Where are you: Madison, WI


How long have you been blogging: A little over 4 years.

Why do you blog: I’m not even sure I remember why I started blogging. I think it had something to do with focusing inspiration somewhere. I stumbled upon Little Birds, and was so inspired by the notion that there were people out there who liked to make things and write about them, that there was a community like that, and I wanted to be a part of that community. I was planning my husband’s and my wedding, going to school, and thinking about all kinds of creative stuff, and at the same time working and trying not to get bogged down by boring stuff in the day-to-day grind of my job at the time, so the blog was a kind of a way out of that, to stay inspired. And it turned into connections and friendships with people, and motivation to pursue photography through flickr, and more inspiration and drive than I could possibly imagine. I’ve cut down my posting in the past year to once or twice a week, to avoid feeling overwhelmed and because I’ve gotten so much busier, and every so often I think about hanging it up and moving on, but at the same time, it’s brought so many good things my way, and I still enjoy having a space to put things, so I keep going. It’s definitely a part of my life for now, and my creative process.

What’s been you favorite post: I don’t think I can pinpoint a favorite post, because there are so many that I wouldn’t be the same without. But the closest I can come to a favorite post is the post about the wedding, I guess. ( Partly because it’s one of the big things that I’m so thankful to have written about and stored so that I can go back and read in the future, partly because it was culmination of one of my first huge design projects (and many previous blog posts), and partly because it was just a darn good time.

Could you share a few of your favorite blogs that you read: I’m addicted to Dooce, I love Orangette (as we all know that girl can tell a mean story and has never led me wrong culinarily) and Sprouted Kitchen (beautiful photography AND awesome food!), and just got hooked on Food In Jars.

What’s “the one” big project you are most looking forward to: I don’t know if it’s “one” big project, since it’s sort of ongoing, or something that I’m just plain-looking forward to, but Knitcircus ( has become such a big part of my life since I started working on it earlier this year, and I’m really looking forward to the winter issue. I feel like the fall issue was a giant project because it was a complete redesign, a fresh start, and now I am starting to enter into a space with it where I can play with each new issue and make it breathe a bit, evolve. And that’s exciting to me.

When you’re not blogging, what are you doing: Photographing, gardening, thinking of ways to expand my garden and make my outdoor space entirely edible, cooking, reading, and trying to find ways to get better at everything that I like to do.

Guiltiest pleasure: TV. I watch too much of it, especially given all of the other things I like to do. And it’s completely useless. Luckily I can knit while I watch now!

Favorite Drink: That’s a toughie! I do enjoy my drinks. I’m a beer snob, so I love a lot of great beer, especially hoppy pale ales. Lagunitas is my favorite brewery, it reminds me of my dad. I have a big appreciation for wine, though as well, and am partial to a few Italian varieties like Primitivo, Frascati, Salice Salentino. As for mixed drinks, the only one I ever drink is a GOOD margarita. None of those premixed, cloying strawberry ones, either.


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