five senses friday #14

Seven days in just five senses. It’s that day of the week again. I’d really love it if you shared a sense, or two, or even five in the comments section below.  I’ll be working all weekend, but still plan to find some kitchen time.  And don’t forget, Meet a Blogger Monday is just around the corner.

  • seeing: the beautiful patch of sunflowers on the way to and from downtown.
  • tasting: the decadent maple-brown sugar frosting that I made. More on that next Thursday.
  • hearing: I Was Made for Sunny Days by the Weepies. A great little end of summer tune.
  • smelling: the almond scented Method wood furniture polish. few things get me excited about cleaning, this is one of them.
  • feeling: rejuvenated.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. My senses are brought to life every day with my morning coffee. Obviously, taste is checked off right away, but I find coffee to be an overall experience (you can expect an extensive post in the future… maybe coffee week!). The sound of the metal scoop shushing into the coarsely ground beans, the warm metal lid of my french press in my hand as I mash the plunger down, the swirl of the milk as I stir, and the aroma… oh, the aroma. I am always the first one up (4:30 daily for workout and planning)… and starting the day out with my cuppa joe is always a highlight.

  2. Naresh Balaji says:

    there are 14 senses in human body

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