mad hungry for apple crisp

Monday is a big day for me and my good friend Martha. She moves her daily talk show to the Hallmark Channel and brings along a couple of new shows with her. First is Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer, starring Martha’s daughter Alexis and her good friend Jennifer Koppleman Hutt. The hour-long gabfest is billed as a unique platform for the humorous duo to explore headlines and everyday issues. I’ve listened to their radio show, you’re in for a treat if you tune in.

The show that I’m really excited for is Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn. This half-hour cooking show focuses on simple recipes with big flavors for the entire family. Lucinda has served as the food editor for Martha Stewart Living for many years, and has been a regular on Martha and the Everyday Food show on PBS. About a month ago, I was fortunate to win a Mad Hungry prize pack from a contest on twitter. One of the prizes was the Mad Hungry cookbook. In honor of the new show, I made Lucinda’s Apple Crisp on Sunday. It’s amazing. All the flavors of an incredible apple pie with none of the fuss that comes with making a crust. The recipe was a real winner and has me even more excited to rush home from work on Monday, fire up the DVR, and sink into the first episode of Mad Hungry. In fact, let’s all watch it together, then come back here on Tuesday and discuss. By the way, you can also follow Lucinda’s blog here.

PS, that’s a scoop of Jeni’s Brown Butter Almond Brittle ice cream on top of the crisp. It was a beyond perfect pairing.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. krista says:

    i am setting my dvr and making apple crisp tonight. yes.
    and i nearly fainted at the mention of brown butter ice cream.

  2. skip perry says:

    request above recipe

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