five senses friday #13

Hey there. So tell me, how would you sum up this past week in just five senses? You should list the ways in the comments section below.  Here’s mine.

  • seeing: lots of numbers and statistics after a very kind and well-read blog featured me this week. Nearly 2,000 hits the first day and another 1,000 the second. I really hope all you new readers will stick around.
  • tasting: new pizza. I’ve driven past Angelina’s in Stow daily for about five months. On Wednesday we finally ordered a pie.  It was great, though getting out of their parking lot was a bit of a challenge and a test of my always-in-short-supply patience.
  • hearing: the lucky ones from Brendan James. You should click through and buy it from iTunes.
  • smelling: the amazing aroma of not one, but two, peach buckles baking this week.
  • feeling: like I’m “one cool dude, with a kick-ass blog.” That’s a quote from a new follower on twitter this week.  Thanks @lish!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Glad you had a great week Mike! Love your blog!
    Here goes (as you requested):
    *Seeing: Gorgeous sightings of turning foliage and waving meadows here in New England
    * Tasting: Fabulous Pumpkin-Mushroom Risotto, something new for me.
    * Hearing: Snippits from practically every song on my ipod at a 2 hour music survey thing I got paid $75 bucks to do last night
    *Smelling: The wild grapes fermenting on the vine as I walk or jog around my neighborhood…A smell I’ve looked forward to every year I can remember…and how it reminds me of old Smucker’s commercials and my childhood.
    *Feeling: Mix of apprehension and excitement at some recent life changes and elation at all the “love-it” blog compliments and funny feedback on “My Motto.”

    1. michael says:

      Margaret, I love your motto too. Have a swell weekend!

  2. Megan says:

    I love the fact that I knew and loved you before you were famous 🙂

  3. Nessa says:

    I’m one of the ones who followed the lure of Mini Deep-dish Pizza (on the menu this coming week!)

    seeing: my Dad still on his feet and comfortable after 2 hours of standing, meaning the shots are helping his back
    tasting: home-made vanilla ice cream, made with the wonderful spicy vanilla Mom brought back from Mexico for me
    hearing: the audiobook version of Midnight Crystal, final book in a paranormal romance trilogy
    smelling: Dad’s bbq
    feeling: mostly comfortable, with occasional bursts of panic over the state of my finances

    1. michael says:

      Nessa, thanks for stopping by and sharing your five senses. The ice cream sounds amazing.

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