mocha custards – everyday food challenge

Something sweet and simple takes center stage for my Everyday Food Magazine Challenge this week. We’re up to issue #12 and the recipe that I selected is the Mocha Custard. I’ve never attempted a traditional custard.  The tempering of the eggs has always sort of intimidated me.  I was always worried that I’d end up making chocolate scrambled eggs. This recipe calls for gelatin in the place of eggs. It was a snap to assemble with minimum time on the stove top heating the cream and melting the chocolate. I’d say prep time ran about ten minutes. The long wait was the three hours chilling and setting up in the fridge. It’s totally worth it. This is my second recipe this summer that’s called for instant espresso. Two weeks ago I used it in the Cappuccino Brownies. It’s a fantastic ingredient that adds a real depth of flavor. Definitely worth the price, and great to have in the pantry. Finally, who couldn’t resist making some homemade whipped cream and shaving a few curls of a dark chocolate candy bar with sea salt?

Coming up later this week, it’s an Everyday Food Challenge Fast Forward. Featuring a recipe from the current issue on news stands now. You should probably just run out and get it now.

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  1. Meshella says:

    Mmm…chocolate + espresso = heaven. Enough said 🙂

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