the peach fritters at yana’s

While others on the island were still sleeping, or jogging, or cycling, Greg and I were headed to nearby Swansboro for a visit with our local breakfast destiny. A few days back when we meandering around Swansboro we read a tip about the fritters at Yana’s Restaurant. Evidently, they were not to be missed. And evidently, we were not going to miss them.

The restaurant was small and decorated in a charming 50’s motif. We were seated at table 12, a.k.a., the Marilyn booth. We knew that we going to get an order of fritters, we just weren’t sure which flavor.  The very kind waitress steered us towards the peach. But of course, peaches were in season, and we were not disappointed. For just $7.95 we got a piping hot plate of ten good-sized, homemade fritters generously dusted with powdered sugar and topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a single cherry. A small tear formed in the corner of my left eye as it was presented to our table.

We each savored one, well one of us had two, and brought the rest back to the beach house to share with the family. Our waitress was kind enough to write the reheating instructions on top of the take out box. I’m very sure that Yana’s will be a morning stop on our return visits to the area. It’s one of those local gems where near the back of the restaurant you’ll find a large table were the local men gather for coffee, maybe a bite to eat and lots of conversation.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Krist says:

    YUM! I made home made peach crisp last night with the peaches I brought back with me from Georgia this weekend. It was delicious but I’m sure I NEED one of these!!!

  2. Cathy says:

    Okay Mike, you are the chef, how hard would these be to make? They look so yummy!!

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