foggy morning hikes

On Sunday Greg and I ventured out into the foggy morning to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to hike a couple trails and take some pictures. Have I mentioned how lucky we are in Akron to have a National Park right at our front door step? It’s a great thing. The photo above is from Horseshoe Pond. We were fortunate to be greeted by one of the majestic blue herons at the water’s edge. We even got to watch it catch a fish for breakfast.

After our visit at the pond, we travelled up the road to the Ira Trailhead and walked the boardwalk above the murky marshes. There were lots of folks out taking pictures, riding bikes and walking dogs. Some really big dogs. Throughout the walk we were serenaded by a deep chorus of frog songs. Only problem, we couldn’t spot a frog. And Greg was really looking.

A little further distance from the marshes we visited Summit County’s only remaining covered bridge.

Fun fact we learned today: The Cuyahoga River twists and turns for about a distance of 90 miles. But from the start of the river to its end at Lake Erie is only a 30 mile straight shot. It truly is the “crooked river.”

Author’s note: As I was writing this post on Sunday afternoon, Greg made for me the most wonderful iced coffee beverage. I’m incredibly lucky.

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  1. We really are very lucky to in NE Ohio! It’s a treat to have access to so many wonderful nature spots … and incredible cultural sites for that matter. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE this batch of photos; especially the lovely photograph of the spider’s web which takes my breath away!

  2. Thanks Mary. :-)

  3. Mike, I grew up in Cuyahoga Falls and I love your pics from around the area!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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