chocolate chip muffins

Allow me to begin by saying that I’m a little embarrassed to tell this muffin making story in seven photos.  Why? Because the recipe is so ridiculously simple. I didn’t need to use the mixer, and miraculously, I had every single ingredient on hand in the pantry. As I’ve mentioned previously, I love to read food-related blogs.  This recipe for chocolate chip muffins was found here at Dinner and Dessert. They were easy to make, and turned out perfectly. Many cupcake and muffin recipes these days are making 18-24 items each.  This has forced me to purchase an additional muffin pan. And this forces me to do all that crazy rotating during the baking process. This wonderful recipe, however, makes exactly a dozen perfectly dome-shaped muffins. The addition of cinnamon gives a wonderful depth of flavor. And yes, that’s the new addition to the family on the counter. It’s wonderful for bringing up recipes from the inter webs. Coming later this week, we’ll take a tour of my kitchen bookshelves that you can see in the background of the photo above. Also, I’m running low on orange paper cup liners. I can’t remember where I got them, and want more. Lots more (they go nicely with the new logo). So, if you see them when you’re out and about, please let me know.


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