school days


My delightfully wonderful partner reminded me today that it’s been some time since I updated the old blog. So here goes.

I’ve been intrigued by the demolition of one of the elementary schools in Tallmadge. It’s right off the Tallmadge Circle. As a kid, I remember seeing the tiled mural on the front as my dad took my sister and I to visit our grandparents who lived in an apartment complex right next to the school. I was always drawn to the mural. Well it doesn’t seem like that mural and school have much more time. Here are a few more photos of my visit to the demolition site. I like how the one photograph shows all the different blocks of color from several rooms of the school that are now exposed.  I wanted to get a closer look and better shot of this wall, but I didn’t suppose they wanted some guy just walking around the site. And me without my steel-toed boots.


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