a birthday


My good friend Michele’s birthday is today. Last night a group of us celebrated the occasion at the new O’Charley’s. Food was good, service was a tad lacking. It was still a great chance to all be together to celebrate Michele’s special day. After dinner we headed back to our place for red velvet cupcakes.

Today, Megan and I are taking Michele to Chagrin Falls for some lunch and shopping. I know what you’re thinking, how very “Sex in the City” of us…  Hum, which gal-pal would I be? I’m sure there’s a facebook application or quiz that could tell me. I think I’m somewhere between a Miranda and a Charlotte.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. michael says:

    Update: I took the quiz, and Miranda it is.

  2. Greg says:

    Have a great time. Don’t worry about those of us that have to work. :-).

  3. Michele says:

    WOOHOO … had a great time with you all last night! Looking forward to more good times today! I still think Greg should fake a cough and come play with us!!

    LOVE YOU and LOVED the cupcakes!! 🙂

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