the way too easy granola


So I think the only easier granola would be to just buy some at the store and open it up. I just don’t think it tastes anywhere as good as the granola I made this weekend. And as an added bonus, the aroma that escapes from your oven is amazing. I found the recipe in Martha’s January/February issue of Everyday Food magazine. Out of all the magazines that are delivered to the Sterling-Derr household, this is my favorite. The magazine is packed with recipes that are simple, delicious and nutritious. Each recipe is accompanied by valuable nutritional information that makes it easy to make healthy choices. It’s my go-to dinner reference.

The recipe’s not up on the web yet.  As soon as it is, I’ll post a link. I’m guessing that they want you to buy the magazine (currently on your local news stand) before they post it. Here’s a link to another granola from Everyday Food, that I plan to make this weekend. I’m sure it will just as addicting as the maple-nut granola I made on Sunday.

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