you must listen to this


Do you have $5.99 sitting in your iTunes account from a gift card that you recieved at Christmas? You do. Then right now, open up iTunes and go to the store, do a search for One EskimO, download their album One Eskimo (Deluxe Edition), listen and be happy.

This is one of those play it from the beginning and just let it envelope you in its wonderfulness types of albums. And for just $5.99 you don’t only get 12 amazing songs, you also get 10 videos chronicling “The Adventures of One EskimO”. An animated feature set to the songs from the album. The story revolves around the central character of One EskimO, an adventurous and determined young man seeking his place in the universe. He is accompanied on his adventure by his band mates, Giraffe, Monkey, and Penguin. It’s visually amazing and a fine compliment to the soundtrack. Stand out songs from the album include Kandi, Astronauts and Slip.

Here’s the video for Kandi:

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  1. Michele says:

    Just purchased the album…AWESOME find!

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