christmas vacation!


We’re finally to the point in our Christmas vacation that we don’t have to be anywhere at any particular time. We’re just taking the days, hours and minutes as they come. That’s not to say that the busy flurry of the holidays at the front end of our vacation weren’t wonderful. They were fantastic, filled with lots of family and friends and celebrating.

Christmas Eve: Greg worked during the day (but got home a little early). I ran errands, picked up a few last-minute gifts and did some baking to take to various get-togethers.  We finished our evening with our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. A trip to Sheetz for made-to-order gas station sammies. Delicious!

Christmas Day: Woke up early…no presents to open since Greg began a new tradition of opening our presents to each other on Christmas Eve Eve. That’s right…two days early. Fine with me, I’m not one for waiting. Greg got me some nice computer software for organizing all of my recipes. It even makes shopping lists for you. I got Greg a new football game for his Xbox 360. Back to Christmas day, in the morning we headed to my sister’s house for lunch and hanging out. My sister has lived in Wooster for years, we somehow still managed to get lost. Greg was driving and had a bit of a headache. I had my nose in my iPhone and wasn’t paying much attention to the road. Eventually, I looked up and realized that I didn’t recognize where we were. Greg had forgotten to turn off Route 21 and we were getting closer  and closer to Massillon. We finally got to my sister’s house and had a great time with Julie, Matt and the girls. We played several very spirited rounds of Zingo! We also got to meet the latest addition to the Miller clan, their dog Zoey. We met her in stages. It was delightful. Later that evening we joined our friends David & Marc and Tom & Brett for a showing of Sherlock Holmes at Cinemark. (The ban’s been lifted!)

December 26th (A.K.A. my birthday): Woke up, had a delightfully-bad-for-us McDonald’s breakfast. Hello McGriddle and Iced Coffee, I’ve missed you so. We met Michele for some shopping at West Point Market and Summit Mall. I got my “birthday outfit” from Greg at Eddie Bauer. It was an exciting trip. I’m now an Eddie Bauer XL. At one point in my life, not too long ago, I was an Eddie Bauer 3XL and had to order all of my clothes on-line or from the catalog. I then got down to a 2XL. I could shop in the store, but very often, all of the other fatties beat me out to the few 2XL’s in stock. The new XL world is wonderful! For dinner we joined a few friends for dinner at Pub Bricco in the Valley. We all feasted on gourmet burgers, chips, fries and onion rings. A culinary bonus: they serve diet Dr. Pepper. It was a birthday miracle!

December 27th: We headed down to Greenfield to visit Greg’s family for the holidays. Greg’s mother makes a wonderful roast. The meat is so tender and the potatoes and carrots are flavorful masterpieces. It’s a lot  of fun to watch Greg interact with his mother, sister, brother, nieces and nephews. I’m so glad to be part of the family. We drove back in a bit of a snow storm and finished our day with a dog at our feet and salads for dinner to commemorate our 9th anniversary together.

The rest of the week so far: Lots of snow, a little cleaning, some more shopping, reading, game playing, and lots of relaxing.


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