diy christmas trees


Last night I was catching up on some Martha Stewart shows from last week. On one of them Martha and one of her company crafters demonstrated the magazine Christmas tree. I was smitten. Some of you might now that I have a bit of a magazine obsession, so there were plenty around to turn into trees. Martha also spray paints and glitters the trees. I’m thinking that I might just keep mine in their natural state. There’s enough glittered decor in our house right now. Here’s a link where you can find the simple instructions on how to create your very own trees. All you need are magazines and an urge to fold lots and lots of sheets of paper.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. OHbearly says:

    I haven’t seen these in years. I remember making these in Cub Scouts. What fun!

  2. Robyn V. says:

    I used to make these out of Reader’s DIgest/TV Guide (the short) magazines and spray paint them green for my Barbie Dream Cottage.

    1. michael says:

      Barbie Dream Cottage….oh Robyn…

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