more with the pumpkin


I mentioned last week about my pumpkin puree shopping adventure. Now that I’ve got all of this canned pumpkin, I’ve been immersed in all of my cookbooks and cooking magazines trying to find recipes that’ll use it all up. As usually happens, I fell back on an old issue of Everyday Food Magazine. There I found the cookie of the month for November 2007, the chocolate glazed pumpkin cookie. It’s a winner. Someone in the comments section of the recipe likened them to muffin tops – a soft cakey cookie. They’re a cute little cookie, and who ever came up with the idea to use an ice cream scoop to divide the batter is a genius. All of the cookies end up the same size and shape. I’ve been thinking that the next time I make them, I may leave off the chocolate drizzle and instead take two cookies and squeeze them around a dollop of maple-cream cheese frosting. At any rate, they travel to work with me today. Can’t keep sweets like these around the house.


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  1. Robyn V. says:

    They are very delicious! I thought the chocolate drizzle was lovely, but I love maple flavor too. 🙂 Thanks again!

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