pumpkin shortage, my…



Just about daily, there’s been a report on the news about another grocery item “shortage.” First it was canned pumpkin puree now it’s Eggo frozen waffles. Well dang it, I have plans to take a pumpkin-eggo waffle pie to take to Thanksgiving dinner at Greg’s family’s. Just kidding about the waffle part of the pie.  I prefer Kashi waffles, any ways. At any rate, I think the pumpkin shortage has been over stated, I stopped by our neighborhood grocer last night to pick up the ingredients for my pumpkin cream pie. You see, I wanted to do a trial-pie-run on my day off. The shelves at the store were packed with pumpkin puree, in fact, it was on sale. In fear that everyone might get theirs the next day, I came home with three huge cans. Mind you, the recipe for one pie only calls for half a can. But I’m ready and I’ve got lots of pumpkin. And maybe if this shortage does come to life, I could auction a can or two on ebay.  Just kidding.

So I went about making my trial pie today. I could not have been more pleased. The recipe came from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food Magazine. If you don’t subscribe to this magazine, you really should. I have every single issue that has been published. All the way back to 2003. (I love you Martha!) So the recipe was ridiculously easy, and made the house smell wonderful. Not sure if I’ll end up serving the Thanksgiving one with the huge home-made whipped cream dome. I may just have that on the side. Anyways, I’m feeling the pressure. Greg’s niece Chelsey is a pumpkin pie aficionado, so this pie has to be good. Fingers crossed.  Greg and I are going to dig into the trial pie tonight after bowling.




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  1. Robyn V. says:

    That whipped cream cloud is…so…beautiful…{sniff}

    I prefer Kashi waffles myself. Actually, I PREFER malted belgian waffles with tons of fruit and whipped cream and real maple syrup and melty butter in the pockets, but if we’re going for prefab-frozen waffles, then Kashi it is.

  2. Greg says:

    Trust me. It turned out well. Just had my second piece…

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