a walk in the national park



This morning, a beautiful for November kind of morning, Greg and I ventured out to the nearby Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Our goal was to get to the Ira Road Trailhead and hike the towpath from there for a bit. Now here’s an interesting fact. The Ira Road Trailhead is not actually on Ira Road. But that’s a good thing. Because if it was, we wouldn’t have driven a bit out of our way and stumbled upon the covered bridge pictured above. After a bit more driving we found the trailhead, just a ways down from where we had originally turned off on to Ira Road. Below are a few more pictures from this morning’s hike. We’re looking forward to coming back in the spring with our bikes to do the ride from Akron to the ever-so-quaint village of Peninsula.

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  1. Robyn V. says:

    I adore geese. Lovely pictures, as always. Glad you had a nice day…were you humming wizard rock tunes as you rambled?

    1. michael says:

      not wizard rock…just some of the songs from Glee that I can’t get out of my head.

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