our hiking spree began


forest path

Greg and I began our task of tackling the Summit County Metro Parks Hiking Spree. You have to complete a minimum of eight trails from the beginning of September through the end of November. As mentioned in previous posts, we attempt this every year with the intention of finishing the spree and earning our hiking staff and shield. It’s never happened. This year, Greg has set our goal to not just hike the minimum required, but to hike all thirteen trails. Well this weekend, we got three out of the way. Saturday, we hiked the Goodyear Heights Metro Parks trail that is right across the street from our development. Sunday morning we hiked a beautiful trail at the Gorge.  That’s Greg below, pictured beside one of the great rock cliffs in the Gorge. Finally on Monday we headed out to the Hampton Hills Metro Park and hiked one of the more strenuous trails in the system. It was worth it.  The rest of the pictures in this post are from that park. Including the picture above. That was my favorite part of the trail. It was like a forest wonderland. I particularly loved the bright green moss on the fallen trees. Little did we know of the hike up the many steps once you pass through this area.


The entrance to our Labor Day trail. And boy did we labor through it.

forest steps

This set of steps at Hampton Ridge was a breeze compared to the very steep incline just a few hundred yards ahead of us.


Greg at the Gorge Metro Park on Sunday morning.


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