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morning photo project 8.24.2009


Pristine white hydrangeas at a local park.


morning photo project 8.23.2009

STD Burger

I title this morning’s photo “Suck It Weight Watchers.” This was the delectable burger I had at the Steel Trolley Diner in Lisbon, Ohio yesterday. After driving an hour, we biked ten miles to get it. Then ten miles back to the car. It was so worth it. The fries were great too.

another weekend, another 20 mile bike ride


Saturday Greg and I biked the Little Beaver Creek Trail. Our friends Tom & Brett recommended it.  It was a great trail, our favorite so far. Most of it was beneath a canopy of trees. We didn’t take the optional covered bridge detour. I didn’t feel like dealing with that type of hill on the way back. We biked the ten miles to Lisbon and had lunch at the Steel Trolley Diner (or STD for short). Be sure to check back tomorrow for the Morning Photo Project. It features a photo of my not very Weight Watchers friendly lunch.  My god it was good though.

After lunch we biked back. For this trip, we took our time and stopped many times for picture taking.  I’ve included a few of my favorites after the cut below. This “being active” thing seems to be coming a habit for us. It’s been a lot of fun discovering places and trails we’ve never been on. And spending the time together is the very best part.

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morning photo project 8.22.2009


A few tomatoes lost in Thursday night’s storm that toppled my tomato plants.

morning photo project 08.21.2009


Auntie Anne’s new Pepperoni Pretzel.  It troubles me…really troubles me.

morning photo project 8.20.2009


Don Drumm art installation in Main Library’s Atrium.

morning photo project 8.19.2009


I spent some time at the Goodyear Heights Metro Park on Tuesday afternoon clicking away with my camera. The park is just a hop, skip and a jump from our house. It has great hiking trails, a pond for ice skating in the winter, and a great lawn and hill that plays host to free concerts in the summer and sledding in the winter. I think my favorite features are the “islands” of trees and picnic tables that scatter the great lawn. The photo of the tree above was my favorite of the visit. Below are a couple more that I liked. I could have cheated and used these photos for the next three days, but I love you all too much to do that.



tree island

lower your blood pressure


So one of the great surprises in my life is to discover a new blog. While doing a simple photography search in WordPress I stumbled across Prickly Pear Bloom. It’s part photography, part cooking, part quilting, part memoir and all quite interesting. I know nothing about making quilts, but I find her designs wonderful. Just browsing Tracy’s posts instantly lowered my blood pressure and took me to a happy place. Her photographs are incredible and her musings are, well, amusing. She makes me want to be a better blogger.

morning photo project 8.18.2009


City Hall – Akron, Ohio

morning photo project 8.17.2009


My peculiar coleus planted near the front door. It’s gotten quite large over the summer months.


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