in bloom



Here’s a sampling of what’s blooming and growing in my garden this year. The dahlia above, is just one of seven dahlia plants that I’m growing from tubers this year. This is the first to bloom.  I’m excited to see the rest, as I had forgotten what types I had planted.

My herbs are taking off. This year, in addition to the thyme, rosemary and parsley pictured below, I’m growing basil, dill and oregano. The dill and parsely have come in very handy in the kitchen. I also have some very healthy looking, and growing taller by the day, cherry tomato plants. I should have quite a few to add to salads later this summer.

For the last couple of years I’ve been kind of smitten with succulents. They are a Martha favorite. I particularly like the two pictured below. I think the texture of the second one is pretty cool.

Finally, I have the faithful daisies that come up every year and seem to be spreading and taking over more space.  They started with a small batch many years ago that our neighbor Marilyn gave me from her garden. I really like their sunny disposition.








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