Root Beer Bundt Cake



I enjoy baking quite a lot. But cakes are not my favorite to make. There seems to be much more pressure on the final outcome. Now cookies, cupcakes and brownies…no problem. They all seem easier, more care-free to make. At any rate, we’re heading over to Michele’s for a cookout this afternoon. I’m bringing the dessert. I have been salivating over the recipe for Root Beer Bundt Cake in my Baked cookbook since I brought that wonderful book home. (If you like to bake, you need to get this book.) From the first line of the description of this creation, “We wanted to create a cake that approximated the flavor and the lazy summer pleasure of a root beer float.” I was sold. I figured today would be the perfect day to give it a try. The authors suggest adding root beer schnapps “for a more pronounced flavor.” I journeyed to two stores and couldn’t find any. I did find a small bottle of root beer extract, so I added that to both the batter and the frosting. My bundt cake fear is that it won’t slide out when inverted. That it falls apart, pieces still clinging to the pan for dear life. If I had a problem like that, I’d have to run out for a, heaven forbid, store-bought alternative. Thankfully, the cake released from the pan with ease. There’s a lot of dark chocolate in this cake and in the accompanying frosting. My frosting didn’t spread quite as beautifully as pictured in the cookbook. No matter, it still tastes great. I’ll be back later tonight with the official taste results of this baking endeavor. Fingers crossed…

Here’s a link to the recipe, but you should really go out and get the book.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Megan says:

    I wish I would’ve taken a to-go piece, I really have a hankering for some

  2. michael says:

    There’s still some left, Megan. Stop on by.

  3. Starsquid says:

    That looks really chocolaty haha

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