not my cup of tea, but there are advantages



We’re still deciding whether to fix or replace our problematic washing machine (flood starter). I think we’re leaning towards replacing. Y’all know I like new and pretty.

Today, I rushed home from work, gathered the week’s laundry, and headed to our neighborhood laundromat. If there’s one thing that I learned during my apartment living days, it’s that you don’t go anywhere near a laundromat on the weekend, if you don’t want to end up pissed off at all of humanity. 

As tacky as our laundromat is, there are several great perks to laundering our mass of clothes, towels and sheets here. First, our very good friend David cuts hair right next door. So there’s a chance to see a smiling  face and get warm hello. Second, the last two times I’ve been there, it’s just been me and one other person. Third, tonight I was able to wash and dry four loads and pick up dinner. There’s a pizza joint two doors down in the plaza. Next, there’s something quite calming and soothing about watching your clothes tumble behind those large glass windows of the dryers. Finally, I feel like I’ve won the “jackpot” every time I feed a ten spot into the change machine.


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