Maple Tree Leafing Up – CHECK



Today’s the last day of my nearly-four-day weekend. Here’s today’s check list:

  • Walk Tucker around the block – CHECK
  • Trip to Target for the essentials – CHECK
  • Starbucks: Passion Tea Lemonade break – Oh heck-yeah CHECK
  • Wash hands repeatedly to avoid getting the swine flu – CHECK
  • Lunch from Taco Bell – Ashamed CHECK
  • Plant dahlia tubers in my new cutting-garden flower bed – CHECK
  • Pick up a couple bags of mulch and potting soil at Lowes and leave the store with dirt and crud all over myself – CHECK
  • Nearly throw out my back carrying the bags of mulch to the backyard – Ouch CHECK
  • Admiring my work in the backyard – Pride CHECK
  • Laundry, Laundry, Laundry – CHECK
  • Decide what to make for dinner tonight – BBQ-Chicken-Pizza Yum CHECK

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