when life gives you lemons



I had today off work, a beautifully rainy day off work. I thought that I would brighten things up a bit by making a recipe I saw in the April edition of bon appetit magazine. So I put on my manly apron and delved right into making the lemon cornmeal cake with lemon glaze. All appeared to be going well. The batter tasted delicious, there was just one problem. The center of the cake never really rose like the sides. And when I topped the sunken cake with the tangy lemony sugary glaze, well the center just gave way on the wire rack and collapsed. So scrap that cake.  I still had lemons, damn it, and I was determined to make something with them. I remembered getting an email from my friend Martha with a subject line that read, Our Best Lemon Recipes. Found the email. it gave me four very tasty options. At this point in the day, I decided on what looked like the easiest, the lemon cheesecake squares. How could I go wrong? Lemon, check. Cheesecake, check. I whipped it up in no time. And guess what? That earlier cake included a recipe for a crushed-blueberry sauce. Sounds perfect to drizzle over my creamy lemon cheesecake bars.


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