rules of the road



I’ve been doing some research for my upcoming trip via public transportation to and from work on Thursday, April 30. One of the more “interesting” pages on the Akron Metro web site is the Rules For Riding. I applaud their attempt at pithy commentary in regards to the rules, but it comes off a little juvenile for a professional organization.The comment following “fares” is particularly unsettling for a new potential rider like me.  Here’s a sampling, check out their site for the complete list.

  • CHILDREN: We love children and encourage them to ride. However, we can’t watch them as well as you can. Lost or unruly children may be recruited to work for METRO at age 21.
  • FARES: Please have your fare/pass ready when you board the bus. We would hate to have the other passengers make fun of you for holding up the bus.
  • No profanity or abusive language. We are certain your mother taught you better.
  • No damaging METRO property, including graffiti (even if you are the next Picasso).
  • No eating or drinking on the bus, even if you bring enough to share with everybody.

Finally, and this is very good to know, No hazardous materials on METRO buses (i.e. lawn mowers, acid batteries, …). Damn it, I was totally set on bring my lawn mower to work for show-and-tell.


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