rant of the day – toddler edition



So the Gregster and I went out to dinner Thursday night to Texas Roadhouse. They serve a great grilled chicken salad (with real crispy bacon bits!). Anywho, at a table near us was a young family. They allowed their very young toddler to just roam the restaurant with mom following behind. It was a busy night with wait staff running from place to place.  I just thought it was kind of rude to let the little kid just roam freely and visit other tables.  But then again, we don’t have kids.  Am I off base on thinking that this is inappropriate dining behavior.

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  1. Krista says:

    They don’t make tasers for nothing!! I am a mom w/small kids and that still bothers me. The other thing – is what time of day/night it was. We will go out and see toddlers w/parents out at like 10pm – Hello?!? What the heck are they thinking?

  2. Brandon says:

    I hate that about working in restaurants. Thankfully there aren’t many children that come in to Hyde Park.

  3. Patty says:

    They should be plucked from the restaurant and delivered directly to Chuck E Cheese. Momma needs to stop the indulgent behavior and apologize to all who don’t find her little darling as endearing as she does.

  4. Cecilia Fasano says:

    IF there is no other solution than to take a toddler with you, SOMEONE must be responsible for HOLDING the child all night … and LEAVING if the toddler becomes inconsolable. It’s not the baby’s fault! However, having been scarred for life by the lack of compassion on airplanes (where you do NOT have many options/choices), I feel this particular mother was at least trying by following her toddler.

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