happy new year


As usual yesterday, New Year's Eve, was my longest day of work of the year. Our Library is one of the 18 or so venues for downtown Akron's New Year's Eve celebration. We host three entertainment stages, roving entertainers and several interactive activities from 5 – 11:30 pm. I work my regular shift during the day to over see the extensive set ups and early arrivals of performers. Trust me, it's a very long day. Attendance this year seemed down quite a bit. We usually get between 7000 and 8000 revelers through the building for the evening.  This year it was more like 4000. I'm not sure if the snow from earlier in the day kept people away. It was still a good event. It's great to see all of the families enjoying themselves.

I got home from work last night at about 11:54 pm, just in time to toast in the New Year with Greg. Not long after that I was asleep. Wiped out from the day.

For our first day of 2009, we had a pretty relaxing morning and afternoon. David and Marc invited us over for dinner. David prepared a great dinner for us, Megan and Michele. Dinner was followed by lots and lots of puppy and Wii time. Those cute little dogs have a lot of energy. It's quite a difference from our senior citizen of a dog. 

Resolutions for the New Year: More exercise, less food. To slow things down a bit and spend more quality time with Greg, our friends and families. Appreciate what I have in life and love and understand that there are many others not as fortunate as I am. 



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