and now a message from Edgar…my father


I just got back from the Obama … live and in person….rally at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Florida where the Cincinnatti Reds spring train and play.  I got there a little before 8am and they were scheduled to start to let people in at 9am for the rally beginning at 11.  When I got there the line waiting was already wrapped around the outside of the stadium with thousands ahead of me.  I made it into the stadium a little before 10 and got a pretty good seat.  People were still streaming in when the rally started.  The stands were all full which is 12,000 capacity and the infield was overflowing too.  When the local minister gave the invocation, I don't think there was a dry eye in the stadium.  Obama's jet flew low over the stadium on its approach to Sarasota airport and the crowd went wild.  And his entrance to the stadium stage created a feeling in me that I don't think I've ever felt before.  I was overwhelmed when I voted yesterday in early voting, but this was even more dramatic.  Sarasota has always been strong republican territory.  To see that many people at a rally supporting Obama was uplifting.  He has the same magical empowerment that J. F. K.  had.  This is truly the first political figure I have seen that comes close to emulating J. F. K. and his ability to unite and uplift our country and restore America to a place of respect again in the eyes of the world.  He makes me proud once again to be an American. 


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  1. Michele says:

    What an awesome e-mail! I have alwasy been drawn to Senator Obama. I get an overwhelming feeling of trust and peace when I hear him speak or read something about him. I realized a few months ago how crazy my life is … the world is crazy. Having confidence in an elected official will give me some peace … it will allow me to relax but enjoy the hard work ahead. He will be a good leader!! Postivie thoughts … visualize him in the oval office 😉

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