i met michael derr today


Oh yes, you read that right, my friends.

I recently got on the Facebook band wagon. While on it, I figured that I would plug my name into it and do a search. Low and behold it came back with another Michael Derr…in Akron, Ohio. Could that be right? My last name is not that common. But there it was on the interwebs, proof of another person with my name in my area.

So how would I handle this situation? Why by "friending" him, of course. We had a funny email exchange about it. Evidently he had heard of that "Michael Derr from the Akron Library." It's funny, and I asked him, "So I'm just checking…does your pronunciation of Derr rhyme with fur or bear or beer? " He answered correctly, fur.

He also wrote, "It's reassuring to know that the other Michael Derr in Akron is not an insufferable ass!" Obviously, he doesn't know me that well yet. But I am trying to be a little less assy everyday.

Here's to new friends. If you haven't "friended" me on Facebook yet, you should. Click on over here and say hi. Well, I'm off to find more Michael Derr's in the world. Maybe we'll have a convention, like Twins Days in Twinsburg. We could host it in Derry, New Hampshire.


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