It’s the weekend before the great Akron Hamburger Festival in downtown. We ventrured with Michele to Akron’s newest burger joint, Metro Burger. It’s nestled in the business district of Highland Square. When you enter the restaurant, you pick up a clip board with a stack of order sheets on it. You can select one of their signature burgers or create your own. Greg and I both had the Texas Classic (bbq sauce, bacon & white cheddar). It was fresh and hot and tasty. The fried pickles were also a delight. Below are some more pictures from our visit. Please to enjoy.

The shelf with all of the clip boards.

The inside of Metro Burger. That beautiful blur is Michele.

Here’s my burger.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Michele says:

    That beautiful blur is reason enough for me to have only eaten half of the burger 😉

  2. michael derr says:

    You look lovely and beautiful like you always do.

  3. OHbearly says:

    Mike, Great news for you and Greg… When I drove through Streetsboro tonight, the Sonic had its walls and roof up and they were building the car awnings. It won’t be long!

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