sure it's this weekend, but what about last weekend?


I had one whole day off last weekend. That’s ok, we managed to cram a whole lot into it. We decided to be proud and headed up to Cleveland with David and Marc to Pride. We caught the parade between rain drops. It’s no Macy’s parade with big floating balloons, but it was still fun. My highlight was the marching band performing the Aqua hit, Barbie Girl. Phil, Tom and Brett caught up with us and toured the festival. Basically a bunch of information and vendor tables. Lots of tote bags and flyers were collected.

By now it was mid-afternoon and we were all starving. After a brief discussion we headed to Fat Fish Blue where we ate and celebrated Phil’s birthday. The food was phenomenal. I feasted on the pecan crusted chicken with a bourbon glaze. Delightful! Greg and I shared a special tower of dessert. It was called the carpet bagger, it was a lunch bag sized chocolate bag filled with sponge cake, Godiva white chocolate moose and fresh berries. It also came to the table with a lighted sparkler.

After lunch we toured Tower City (there’s a candy store there) for awhile and then walked several blocks in pouring down rain back to the parking garage.

Later that night we caught a screening of the new Get Smart flick. We went in with low expectaions and were quite pleased with how fun and great the movie was. I highly recommend it.


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