a dream


Yeah, so this is my third post of the day…

Any who, about every couple of months I have a dream that involves Martha Stewart. It shouldn’t be any surprise that I do. After all I watch her daily television show, subscribe to all of her magazines and read (and usually purchase) all of books. Our bedroom linens are from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy’s, our walls are painted with Martha Stewart colors from Lowe’s. It’s just how it is in my life. In fact, over my shoulder at work is a framed and signed photo of the domestic diva (that’s the photo, there at the top of the post. Don’t worry, I have a picture of Greg too, and it’s in a much more prominent place with better lighting). So if you couldn’t tell already, I’m a bit of a fan.

So the dream, Greg and I were guests at Skylands, her home in Seal Harbor, Maine. Skylands is the former home of Edsel and Eleanor Ford. I don’t remember much from the dream. I really should write these things down as soon as I wake up. I do remember that Martha was a wonderful hostess and the food was outstanding. This follows my dream from several months ago when Martha, her daughter Alexis and I were being chauffeured all around New York City on a shopping spree.  That was a good dream.


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